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Fall Preparation Guide

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I know I know… I also have been trying to avoid the fact that summer is really over. (Hope you enjoyed your summer!) School already started, stores are already selling Halloween treats and Christmas decorations, leaves are starting to change colours, there is pumpkin spice everywhere and the weather is so unpredictable. Days are getting shorter and shorter and although it is often warm and sunny during the daytime, it can be cold at night and early in the morning.
As the season begins to change, it is time to blow out your sprinklers, trade your lawn mover for a rake and prep your home for cooler weather. Here is a quick checklist of things to do before your house transitions from hot summer days, to cool fall nights and eventually to freezing temperatures.


☐ If your window screens are inside, remove them to allow for adequate airflow of the heating system to keep condensation off your windows.
☐ Ensure all exterior doors and windows are closed tightly; repair or replace weather stripping and dust pads as needed.
☐ Cover outside of air conditioning units and shut power off to the device.
☐ Ensure the ground around your home slopes away from the foundation wall so that water does not drain into your basement. Touch-up as required to maintain positive drainage.
☐ Clean eaves troughs and roof ensuring proper drainage from the downspouts.
☐ Clean out window wells of garbage.
☐ Blow out underground sprinklers and store outdoor hoses. Close interior valve to outdoor water connection. Drain the hose bib and leave it partially open.
☐ Store outdoor furniture, prepare gardens and protect young trees and shrubs for the upcoming winter.


☐ Check sump pump to ensure proper operation
☐ Test and reset the ground fault circuit interrupters (GFI) breakers
☐ Set humidifier as per the manufacturer’s instructions for the winter setting
☐ Set the thermostat to “heat” and test the furnace for proper operation by raising the thermostat setting until the furnace starts to operate.
☐ Have furnace and heating system serviced by a qualified company every two years
☐ If you have central air conditioning, ensure the drain pan under the cooling coil mounted in the
furnace plenum is secure and draining correctly.
☐ Remove grilles on forced air systems and vacuum inside the ducts.
☐ Check your furnace air filters monthly and replace them as needed
☐ Check and clean the HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) core
☐ Check to see that the ductwork leading to and from the heat recovery ventilator is in good shape and the joints are tightly sealed.
☐ Adjust registers and confirm that cold air returns are clear of furniture or draperies
☐ Vacuum smoke and carbon monoxide; replace batteries if required.
  If you have a door between your house and the garage, check the adjustment of the self-closing device to ensure it closes completely.

Click here for a downloadable PDF: Fall Checklist

September 30, 2022