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What is a Flex Room?

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If we ask the question: “what does home mean to you?” the most common answer we’ll receive is exactly what you might be thinking right now; a home is a place where you live, where you create memories or a place for relaxing and fun. How we use our home space is always changing and because of that, it makes sense to have rooms in the home that can change too. In real estate, these are called flex rooms.

What is a Flex Room?
A flex room is essentially a space that can be used for a number of functions or can be customized to serve more than one purpose. It gives you more possibilities to tailor your home specific to what you and your family needs. Whether it’s an office, formal living room, a playroom or a music room, the possibilities are endless!
To make the most of this space, start by thinking about what your needs are. Perhaps you’re looking for a place to cultivate your hobbies, show off your book collection, or create a learning space for your kids.

1. Formal Living or Dining Room
Why have one when you can have two? Turning the flex room into a second living or dining room gives you the option of having both a formal space for guests and an informal space for family time.

2. Home Office or Study
When you want a space in the home where you can tune out distractions, a home office is an ideal space to accomplish just that. The flex room can provide a peaceful escape to work remotely.

3. Playroom or Homeschool Room
Your flex room can be a designated space within your home for school-related activities. This is a perfect example of how multi-purpose rooms can evolve over time. Today it’s a playroom, tomorrow it’s a homework station, and in the future, it could be your hobby room.

4. Hobby Room
Whether you’re into video games, sewing or another creative hobby, turning your flex room into a hobby room is a great use of the functional space!

5. Reading Nook or Library
Are you an avid reader? A flex room library allows you to keep all of your literary favourites in one spot. Line the walls with shelves for all your novels, magazines, and comic books, and add a few comfy chairs to read on.

Flex rooms are a great opportunity to create a special spot that your family will enjoy for years to come. Whatever you decide on how you use your flex room, we have plenty of options to help customize your space to fit your needs!

February 7, 2022