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Building A Custom Home

The North Ridge Process

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We offer every customer a friendly, informative journey through the process of budget, design and construction. Our goal is to give every client a truly unique home, of exceptional quality, tailored to their exact needs and desires.

1 Consultation
2 Design Phase
3 Specification Development
4 Budget Review
5 Final Report

Our first step is to have a relaxed and friendly conversation about what your custom dream home looks like and determine your “wish list”.

In this first consultation, we will also chat about your budget and timeline.

Design Phase

With your vision, we will work on creating a plan for your custom home. It is important to note that while designing your new dream home, we will be taking your budget into consideration every step of the way.

*A design fee will be charged that will be waived upon commencement of your project.

Specification Development

At this stage, the Specification Sheet is reviewed. This is a list of construction materials, as well as the products and services that are considered in the budget. Allowances for flooring, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures and many others are assessed.

A vendor’s recommendation list is prepared and the client can either inquire about the costs themselves or a North Ridge representative can join the client on these vendor visits. Quotations from the various vendors are then requested and compiled.

Budget Review

Once the vendor lists are compiled, the budget is reviewed again to ensure everything is on track. We strive to make our process a collaborative effort between the client and the North Ridge team.

With our process, we hope to gain trust and confidence by giving timely budgetary and construction advice. We also strive to ensure every stage of the planning process is at a pace the client is comfortable with.

Final Report

While we design your new custom home, you will have full disclosure throughout the entire design and budget process.

The final budget report should not be surprising, but rather coincide and confirm with previous discussions with our team. You will be invited to commission final drawings and enter into an agreement with North Ridge Development Corporation. The final step is for our experienced construction team to build the home of your dreams!